Livin’ the Dream: Jamie Jennings’ Spanish adventure

The Horses in the Morning co-host is off in Spain galloping on the beach and perfecting her piaffe on a fleet of Barbie Dream Horse-lookin’ Andalusians. (Real ones. Like, she’s actually in Andalucia.).

Her adventures were featured last week on Equitrekking host Darley Newman’s travel blog (which Horse Nation featured a couple weeks ago).

For more videos that will make you toss a glass of Sangria in Jamie’s face in a fit of jealous rage, check out the story on Darley’s Blog. Alternately, feel free to listen in to The One Who Got Left Behind, Horses in the Morning co-host Glenn the Geek, each weekday morning from 9 – 10:30 a.m. Eastern–we’ve got your hook-up right here.

Every Monday morning, Horse Nation makes a guest appearance on the show at around 10, so be sure to listen in today!

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