Blog Spotlight: Darley Newman’s travel blog

On one hand, I hate Darley Newman. Then again, the only reasons why I hate her are because she’s pretty, blonde, charismatic and living my dream life.

Darley is the three-time Daytime Emmy-nominated host and producer of the internationally broadcast Equitrekking television series. Which means, she gets paid to travel around the world riding horses. Are you starting to feel a little green with envy as well?

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. You can follow Darley’s adventures via her travel blog on the Equitrekking website. The blog chronicles both stateside and more internationally-flavored travels; recent entries range from a visit to the Upperville Horse Show in Virginia to a behind-the-scenes look at a film shoot in Botswana.

Check out Darley’s travel blog here–it’s your passport to international travel without even having to leave the couch.

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