Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Good Morning, Horse Nation! Abby at your service. While Wylie’s off tying a non-slip-release knot, she’s daringly left me at the helm. How much mischief can we get into?

Last night I was remembering all the precocious anxieties I felt as a cool kid who took care of her own ponies. Did I shut the gate before I caught the bus this morning? Did I throw out enough hay? And just when, between homework and lessons and mucking out, was I going to polish my tack?

Stepping into Wylie’s shoes is equally nerve-wracking. Horse Nation has become such an awesome community of contributors and readers in such a short period of time that I don’t want to leave any gates open or miss any troughs, so to speak.

But as horsepeople, we love a good challenge, right? And there’s nothing more inspiring than getting the chance to work directly with our talented stable of rider-writers.

So hang on to your grab straps, Horse Nation. We’re in for a wild week. Let’s hope I don’t drink one too many mint juleps and leave the lights on in the ring.

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