There goes the bride

This weekend, I have an appointment with the hitching post of love to trade in my quick-release knot for something a bit more permanent. Which is to say, I’m getting married. Which is to say, you won’t be hearing from me for the next week or so.

I’ll think of you often, Horse Nation, especially when I’m having umbrella drinks on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean during my fabulous honeymoon. Oh, yes, you’ll be missed (cough, cough). But I’m leaving you in the capable hands of Miss Abby Gibbon, and with the Derby fast approaching, she’s just the sort of racing expert (well, as expert as we get about anything around here) you would want to have at the helm.

Ta-ta for now,

Soon-to-be Mrs. Wylie

From our “bridle shower” at River Glen Horse Trials a couple weekends ago. What a sport.


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