Monday Morning Feed by SmartPak

Welcome to Monday morning, Horse Nation! They’re always tough, but especially so after a long weekend. We know you can make it, though. You always do.

I spent my weekend being held hostage by bunny rabbits, thanks for asking. It actually wasn’t that bad; I wouldn’t have minded, really, if they’d decided to hold me hostage a little bit longer. But, alas, the Great HN Bunny Heist of 2012 was short-lived. They decided pretty quickly that running a website was hard work, and they’re not really into hard work. They’d rather spend their days eating and napping, punctuated by the occasional frolic. Me, too, bunnies. Me too.

Anyway, it’s back to our regularly scheduled horse programming. We’ve got some amazing et cetera lined up for today, including but not limited the big announcement of the winner of the SmartPak Equine Planking Contest.

So stay tuned, HN. We’ll help make your Monday a little more bearable.

Go Riding!

Thanks McKenna!!! You’re eggstraordinary.

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