The Man Who Launched a Thousand Planks + More Random Acts of Planking

How did this equine planking mess get started in the first place? Glad you asked.

Last week, Samantha Clark from EN told me about a equine planking photo posted on Twitter by Jay Halim, a British event rider. Exactly the kind of ridiculousness you’d expect from a guy whose Twitter “About Me” reads: @JayTigerHalim “Natural born winner with the eye of the Tiger! known for my dashing good looks, disco moves and occasionally I ride a horse or two! Love you long time x.”

Ater stalking his website, I can testify that while not kidding about the “dashing good looks” part, but he might be selling himself short in the riding department–Samantha says he’s a talented rider and has sold some super-nice horses including one eventer Ronald Zabala-Goetschel is aiming for London and another, Hello Sailor, that’s being campaigned by British show-jumper Tina Fletcher.

Most importantly, however, he exhibits some serious planking talent. Posted yesterday on his Twitter:

Anyway, thanks a mil, Jay, for inspiring an entire Horse Nation to perform strange, rigid poses on horseback!

Here’s today’s batch of plankers:

Jenn O’Neill air-planking the advanced ditch and wall at Southern Pines II.

The remainder of today’s planking photos are from the private collection of Lynn Travers, a recovering plank-o-holic:

Remember, Horse Nation, you’ve got until Sunday night to get your photos and videos in. Full contest details here.

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