Plankers of the Day, III

Equine planking contest entries continue rolling in–I have only fallen out of my chair laughing about 20 times today. Occupational hazard, I guess. Keep ’em coming!

Contest update: Let’s take this contest to the next level. Horse Nation, send us your equine planking videos (by which we mean, post them to YouTube and email us the links). We’ll be awarding prizes to different categories, like “Longest Plank Held,” “Most Creative Plank,” etc. Contest details are here.

Ready, set, plank!

Submitted by: the Western IV class at Alfred University

Submitted by: Christina on Jewel and Lucy

Submitted by: Sandi Peters

Notes: Planking on a sleeping horse

Submitted by: David Wilson

Notes: Anna, an 8-year-old student of mine (one of my peanuts who is a budding eventer) riding George (one of my golden event campaigners and school ponies). I swear George is giving me a “WTF look”. :).

Submitted by: Alison Abbott, owner of Nigel the JRT dog and Jessica Eason Butler owner of Blackstar the Icelandic horse.

Notes: Well, not quite, but we’ll keep working on it 🙂

Contributed by: Emily Weber

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