Plankers of the Day, II

And then, on the second day of our little contest, things started to get weird. Keep up the good planking, Horse Nation. Check out Plankers of the Day I here.

Contributed by: Dom & Jimmie Schramm.

Notes: Just another day cross country schooling for the Schramm Equestrian Team!

Contributed by: Jessa Hills

Contributed by: Alison Volpentesta

Notes: This is my 6 year old daughter, who is a D1 pony clubber from Old Mill Creek Pony Club “PLANKING” on Marshal, a 6-year-old shire cross.

Submitted by: Emily Maguder

Notes: Chillin’ on a tractor

Contributed by: Rosie Dugan

Notes: We call this a planking fail.  More like mouth full of mane.  Guess he saw something interesting at the last minute.

Contributed by: Tally Mock and Tracie Traver

Contributed by: Leah Allen

Notes: Aboard Foxy Lady

Contributed by: Jeanie Clarke

Notes: Grace Pilkington and Janelle Phaneuf plank in Ocala!

Contributed by: Katy Rivers

Submitted by: Amelia Bayer

Notes: This is a picture of my little sister, Sonja, planking on her horse, Andy aka Energizer Bunny, last spring. Andy is a 15.2 11 year old thoroughbred who we love to death! He puts up with our shenanigans, other torturous things we put him through include bareback jumping, getting on him from a running leap, and jumping him bareback with two riders at once (yes, two riders on his back at one time with no saddle going over a jump).

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