Louisiana Horse Rescue: A story of hope

Risa Flamm brings us this update on last month’s rescue of 60 neglected horses from a Louisiana breeding farm. Forty-six of the horses are still under the organization’s care.

From Risa:

On January 6th in Many, Louisiana, more than 60 neglected horses were rescued from a commercial breeding farm where more than half the herd had already died.

The remaining horses were malnourished, dehydrated and severely in need of urgent care. Louisiana Horse Rescue Association (LHRA) agreed to take on the task of transporting these horses and feeding them until placed.

After assessment it was determined that of the 53 mares registered to the farm, few more than 20 remained alive. Of the 20 foals born in 2011, only seven were alive at the time of the rescue. The 2010 foal crop seems fairly stable and in better health than any of the other horses rescued from the farm.

As the horses were assessed, those that were healthy enough were transported, quarantined and treated for diarrhea, dehydration and other immediate issues. The LSU Veterinary School’s Equine Response Team was on hand to provide all veterinary treatment and assessment, and the job could not have been done without their efforts. But even with around-the-clock care, by January 24th  LHRA had lost four yearlings and four 2-year-olds that were unable to recover from months of starvation and neglect.

Throughout the process, the outpouring of support and volunteering was amazing. LHRA was contacted from people looking to help from as far away as Germany. By Jan 28th  the hope was beginning to shine through and 10 mares were strong enough to be adopted.

Donations also came in from everywhere, including a first-grader who sent in the following letter. Enclosed within her letter were 11 one-dollar bills.



Of the surviving broodmares, only one was able to retain her pregnancy. That mare was Dance Recital, by Dynaformer–her foal, Jewel, weighed only 40 lbs. when she was born on February 7. Jewel is still small (so small that she fits into a dog blanket–see picture) but seems to be doing remarkably well.

To find out more about how to help Jewel or any of the other horses in need, please visit http://www.lahorserescue.com/.

Photos: Used with permission from LHRA

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