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WEG Social Media Corral: Just Keep Swimming

Despite tragedy, eventers and reiners alike kept on keeping on throughout the day. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily! continue reading »

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

WEG Wrapup: Tragedy After a Clear XC Round

Another  tragic equine fatality in the XC phase of eventing. Shawn Flarida later brought down the roof in Individual Finals. continue reading »

From EN: US Wins Gold in Helmet Wearing at WEG

Team USA may be in bronze position overall but when it comes to helmets, we’re leading the pack. continue reading »

The Pocket Guide to Draft Pulls

What on earth is a dynamometer? Why are we calling those men over there “hookers”? WHY ARE THESE HORSES SO BIG? Answer all of your pulling questions here. continue reading »

Weekend Welcome from Kentucky Performance Products: Healthy Calories

When it comes to dietary energy sources, not all calories are built the same. continue reading »

WEG Social Media Corral: Even More Competitive Horse Dancing

But with guest appearances from vaulter Mary McCormick, Team USA Reining, and the sun. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily! continue reading »

Friday, August 29th, 2014

WEG Wrapup: Dressage All Day, Every Day (Until Tomorrow)

Great Britain laid down the smackdown in both freestyle competitions today. Eventers did fine but just may have a heart attack about XC tomorrow. continue reading »

From EN: Team USA in Bronze Medal Position at WEG After Dressage

From Eventing Nation: a boots-on-the-ground report after the dressage phase of eventing at WEG. continue reading »

Weekly Watering Hole, Presented by Horse Quencher: Ice Bucket Challenge Gone Wrong

Your horse would probably love a bucket of cool water on a hot day…but not like this! continue reading »

Blind Horse Shows Off His Charming Coping Skills

Bart may have lost his vision, but his clever coping mechanisms seem perfectly intact! continue reading »

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro Triumphant in WEG Freestyle!

There we go, back to normal. (Note: ‘Normal’ for Valegro means a score of 92.161%.) continue reading »

Instagram’s 8 Most Beautiful Images of Thursday’s Endurance Race

WEG brought us the ultimate test of a horse and rider over hours and hours and miles and miles. Instagram brought us the photos. continue reading »

Rodeo: Doing What Every Other Discipline Should Have Done a Long Time Ago

How is it possible that no other discipline has declared AN OFFICIAL WINE? continue reading »

WEG History – 1998 Italy

Check out all the results and history of the World Equestrian Games.  Today we talk about the 1998 WEG held in Rome, Italy. continue reading »

Friday Standing Ovation, Presented by Ovation Riding: Bransby Horses

Each week we honor an organization that is doing good work in the horse world. Today we salute Bransby Horses of Lincolnshire and Herefordshire, UK. continue reading »

WEG Wrap: Tragedy in Endurance

An equine fatality clouded an otherwise upbeat day at the World Equestrian Games. continue reading »

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

WEG Social Media Corral: Everyone’s in Endurance…

…when the weather is still rainy and you’re in mud up to your eyeballs. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily! continue reading »

International WEG Reining: The New Kids on the Block

With the last qualifying round for the individual finals on the books before Saturday’s championship, we have time to take a look at the incredibly diverse field at this year’s WEG reining. continue reading »

Para-Dressage: What it Is and How to Watch

It’s not easy for anyone to get to the World Equestrian Games, but para-equestrian riders have proven game for any challenge. continue reading »

Nickerdoodles: The Best Job Ever

Ever have one of those days when it feels like no one appreciates your hard work? These guys haven’t. continue reading »

Donner’s Story: Team OTTB Representing Team USA

Tomorrow, Lynn Symansky and her off-track Thoroughbred, Donner, will ride the dressage portion at the World Equestrian Games Three-Day Event in Normandy, France. continue reading »

VIDEO: If Your Trainer Said What They Were Thinking

Holy Charles Owen!

continue reading »

From EN: First Look at WEG’s Cross-Country Course

Hilly terrain and technical questions on Pierre Michelet’s 35-jump course will mean a lot of tired horses this Saturday. continue reading »

WEG History – 1994 Netherlands

Check out all the results and history of the World Equestrian Games.  Today we talk about the 1994 WEG held in the Netherlands. continue reading »

Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

In case you’ve been living under a rock – it’s WEG week! What’s on tap today? Well, endurance begins today, as does eventing. Para-dressage and reining will continue competition as well. continue reading »