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WEG Wrapup: Jumping and Vaulting

Both showjumpers and vaulters showed the world some impressive leaps today! continue reading »

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Eventing Nation: The ‘World Queuing Games’

POed WEG spectators have taken to airing their grievances on social media about the logistical fiasco that was cross-country day at Haras du Pin. Here are a few of their stories. continue reading »

WEG Social Media Corral: All Kinds of Jumping

As in, the kind you do with horses over obstacles, and the kind you do off of horses with flips to music (also called vaulting.) We’ll bring you the best of social media daily! continue reading »

6 Pool Noodle Obstacles

Check out these six obstacles guaranteed to make your horse more confident and have neighbors question your judgement in lawn decor. continue reading »

Cave Creek, Arizona: Your New Winter Destination

Get acquainted with this charming southwestern town that boasts trails instead of sidewalks and hitching rails at all the restaurants (no, for real). continue reading »

Can We Revisit That Time US Reiners Swept the Podium?

WEG, imma let you finish, but USA’s reiners took home ALL THREE INDIVIDUAL MEDALS on Saturday. continue reading »

Tuesday Morning Feed Presented by Dubarry

Team Ireland and Team Dubarry were out in full force this week during the WEG eventing competition. continue reading »

WEG Social Media Corral: Vaulting Is Coming

With no competition today, things were quieter on social media (except for those crazy vaulters.) Get ready–we’ll bring you the best of social media daily! continue reading »

Monday, September 1st, 2014

From EN: Three Big Takeaways from This Year’s WEG

Week 1: What did we learn?

continue reading »

WEG Wrapup: No Competition Today, So Let’s Just Watch GIFs

Seems like a good idea.

continue reading »

‘Just Got Knocked Out by a Horse, No Big Deal,’ Says New Mexico State Student Who Got Knocked Out by a Horse

…yeah, and? Happens all the time. continue reading »

Weekly Instagram Round-up

The best of last week’s Instagram submissions, rounded up for your viewing pleasure.
#horsenation continue reading »

From EN: Germany Dominates in Nail-Biting WEG Show Jumping Finale

Did you miss the showjumping yesterday? Here’s the play-by-play. continue reading »

Monday Morning Feed From SmartPak: Why Use ColiCare?

Colic is every horse owner’s worst fear, and SmartPak’s ColiCare program can give some peace of mind. continue reading »

WEG Wrapup: Eventing and Horseball, Because Why Not?

After a rollercoaster of emotions, eventers have their final placings. Plus, horseball? continue reading »

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

WEG Social Media Corral: Adventures With Toilets

Or, how many people will take to the internet to complain about the infrastructure? We’ll bring you the best of social media daily! continue reading »

Clinic Report: Foxhunting 101

Potomac Hunt hosted a unique weekend clinic to get fellow adrenaline junkies hooked on hunting to give newbies a safe, controlled way to try the sport. continue reading »

From EN: Top 10 Thrills & Spills on Cross Country at WEG

A hairy day at Haras du Pin yesterday yielded some scary falls and scrappy saves. continue reading »

WEG Social Media Corral: Just Keep Swimming

Despite tragedy, eventers and reiners alike kept on keeping on throughout the day. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily! continue reading »

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

WEG Wrapup: Tragedy After a Clear XC Round

Another  tragic equine fatality in the XC phase of eventing. Shawn Flarida later brought down the roof in Individual Finals. continue reading »

From EN: US Wins Gold in Helmet Wearing at WEG

Team USA may be in bronze position overall but when it comes to helmets, we’re leading the pack. continue reading »

The Pocket Guide to Draft Pulls

What on earth is a dynamometer? Why are we calling those men over there “hookers”? WHY ARE THESE HORSES SO BIG? Answer all of your pulling questions here. continue reading »

Weekend Welcome from Kentucky Performance Products: Healthy Calories

When it comes to dietary energy sources, not all calories are built the same. continue reading »

WEG Social Media Corral: Even More Competitive Horse Dancing

But with guest appearances from vaulter Mary McCormick, Team USA Reining, and the sun. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily! continue reading »

Friday, August 29th, 2014

WEG Wrapup: Dressage All Day, Every Day (Until Tomorrow)

Great Britain laid down the smackdown in both freestyle competitions today. Eventers did fine but just may have a heart attack about XC tomorrow. continue reading »