DIY Nation: How to Make a Bit Warmer

By Melissa Owens

What’s one way to make your horse despise you even MORE for dragging him out of his cozy pasture to work? Shoving an icy cold bit in his mouth, that’s what.

Lucky for you, today I am going to teach you how to make a super-easy bit warmer at home to use all winter!


You Will Need:

~1 Lonely Sock (one of those longer ones)

~About a cup-ish of rice*

*Corn works well too, but after several times in the microwave, it might start to, well, pop!

Step 1) Thoroughly check your sock for holes- the last thing you want is rice all over the barn. If you find any, sew them suckers up like the seamstress you are!

Step 2) Pour about a cup or so of rice into your sock. You want it filled, but with enough empty space to be able to twist it around and such (to wrap around your bit).

Step 3) Tie off the top and — BAM — you’re done! If you’re really artsy, you could sew it up, but eh, don’t bother.

And that’s it. To use:

Stick it in the microwave for about two minutes. Wrap it around your bit as you groom/tack, and it’ll be toasty warm and ready to use when you need it! Also helpful for thawing fingers.

You’re welcome, HN. Now go riding (out in the cold with a toasty bit)