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Best of JN: Veterinary Chiropractic Essentials Answered

Dr. Ryan Lukens of Palm Beach Equine Clinic is here to help with the basics of veterinary chiropractic work for your equine athletes.

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Best of JN: Maintenance Programs — How Do You Balance Hope With What Really Works?

“The basics are there: good feed, a farrier who I consider a genius, an excellent vet who has known me and my horses for many years now, and a barn manager and trainer who I trust. Everything else is up to me, as I wade through what is out there and try to sort out

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Best of JN: 10 Equine Insurance Questions Answered

An experienced agent, and grand prix jumper rider, weighs in to answer common questions.  By Laura Connaway.

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Best of JN: Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing

“…you have to keep the main thing in the forefront, because that’s the reason you’re doing all the