Celebrity Equestrians: Kendall Jenner

In a new Vogue feature, the supermodel details her lifetime of loving horses.

“I started riding pretty much before I can remember. I was probably two when I first sat on a horse and maybe four when I took my first lesson,” Kendall told Vogue.

The first horse she rode was named Sweet Pea, a horse that lived two doors down and often came to visit.

“It’s like something I did in my childhood that I loved so much. As an adult now, coming back to it is almost, like, nostalgic.”

Kendall also states that riding is therapeutic for her, and she loves being outdoors.

“It’s just something you’ve gotta feel. From the moment I rode [Arizona] I remember just feeling extremely comfortable and I knew he was the one for me the second I sat on him,” she said about her Paint gelding featured in the video.

She admittedly does very relaxed riding aboard Arizona, contrasting with her other “bougie horse girl” lifestyle that includes years of competitive jumping.

Courtesy Instagram @kendalljenner

Growing up, she wanted to be a professional equestrian or a veterinarian.

In 2019, she told The Cut, “I’m a horse girl, literally. I grew up riding horses,” she said. “So for my whole entire life, I would beg my parents to please get me a pony. I wasn’t just some little girl who was like, ‘I need a pony for no reason.’ It was my life. I ate, breathed, and slept horses. And I wanted one so bad.”

She got her first pony, Megan, on Christmas Day. The rest, as they say, is history.


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Kendall concludes the Vogue interview by admitting she loves the cowgirl lifestyle and aspires to live a really simple life someday that includes horseback riding.

“Absolutely, horses are incredibly grounding; like, that experience for me is incredibly grounding.”

Watch the full Vogue feature here:

Go riding.

Amanda Uechi Ronan is an author, equestrian and wannabe race car driver. Follow her on Instagram @amanda_uechi_ronan.