New Docuseries Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes of the Appalachian Trainer Face-Off

Take an in-depth look at the way Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue cracks down on the problem of unwanted and neglected horses.

Over the summer, we followed the journey of horse trainer Brianna Ivory as she trained Delaware for the Appalachian Trainer Face-Off (you can read the full series here). Now, a new docuseries is taking viewers behind the scenes of the ATFO.

Appalachia Last Chance Rescue is a docuseries that features the Heart of Phoenix as they prepare for their annual training challenge event. The West Virginia based equine rescue group organizes the ATFO each year to help solve the problem of abused and neglected horses in the severely economically challenged regions of Appalachia and beyond.

Equal parts harrowing and hopeful, this series closely follows the group’s progress as they take in horses found in heartbreaking conditions, while working to gain their trust as well as restore their health. But when dealing with feral animals who have spent years simply trying to survive, things can get intense—and dangerous. Can this team of trainers turn these terrified equines into healthy, confident, adoptable horses in time for the ATFO?

The first season currently is streaming exclusively on Horse.TV

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Please note that due to the nature of horse rescue, this docuseries includes some scenes of severe animal neglect. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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