5 Reasons Why Silicone Rings Are Perfect for Horse Owners

Looking for an alternative to traditional wedding or engagement rings when you’re at the barn or riding? Check out these silicone rings, which fit the bill for the type of lifestyle most equestrians lead.

Photo courtesy of Groove Life.

Let’s face it: any accessory you wear to the barn quickly becomes, well, a part of the barn in that it suddenly gets stuck with dust, dirt, manure, and whatever other unimaginable materials tend to collect around horses.

It took nearly losing a valuable wedding ring for a close friend of mine to finally realize she wanted to explore other options — for rings, that is, not husbands. And really, if you regularly wear an engagement or wedding band or other ring on your fingers, it can be worrisome to have them around the barn. Luckily today there are several options for alternative rings, and we’ve really gotten into Groove Life for its varied and durable options for all walks of life.

If silicone ring life hasn’t hit you just yet, allow us to change your life with the things we’ve learned since switching to these nifty rings at the barn.

1. Silicone rings allow you to choose your individuality — and show it off!

Listen, I get it: your gorgeous wedding band is unique and one-of-a-kind. But if you do want to look into an option that saves your expensive ring from getting dirty or, worse, lost, take some comfort in the fact that brands such as Groove Life provide a literal plethora of options. Want a camo ring during hunting season? A hot pink for the days when man! you feel like a woman? Want to wear a different color for each day of the week? You can go crazy choosing options — you can start shopping on Groove Life here.


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2. Silicone rings buck tradition — and we’re here for it.

We love a good wedding, but we also love a good bucking of tradition and it seems that silicone rings offer a great way to do just that. Silicone rings are inclusive with so many options and can also be much more comfortable than rigid metal to wear 24/7.


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3. Rings such as Groove Life’s are affordable.

Whether you want something to wear in place of a wedding band or you simply love to accessorize, rings such as those offered at Groove Life offer affordable style. Honestly, when most of your money goes to your money dump of a horse, there isn’t much left over for spoiling oneself — I hereby give you permission to #treatyoself just a little this month.

4. Silicone rings adapt better to your body.

The feeling of a too-tight or too-loose ring is an uncomfortable sensation. I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced almost a feeling of claustrophobia when wearing a ring that’s too snug (and who wants to get stuck in a ring? Not I.). So the thought of a silicone ring is really appealing on the idea that it won’t feel so tight or loose if I were to have the right size on.


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5. Silicone rings mean less worry.

If you purchase from a reputable brand like Groove Life, your silicone ring can be replaced without much fuss. Groove Life offers a lifetime warranty on their rings, which means you can have your ring replaced if it becomes damaged. I think I speak for many a busy horsewoman and horseman when I say that not worrying about damaging a meaningful item gives me much more time to worry about my horse who’s always trying to kill himself. And really, that’s priceless.

This post is sponsored by Groove Life rings — and you can save 15% on your new ring(s) by using the code HORSE at checkout on groovelife.com. Happy shopping!