Reader Photo Challenge: Equine Mini-Mes

Lookalikes, doppelgangers, mini-mes, whatever your term, we wanted to see them!

This week, we wanted to see your horses lookalikes — whether they take the form of a stuffed toy, a cookie or even a fictional character! You, readers, as always, delivered!

“Had a horse come into training that was my big Thoroughbred’s twin. Maudi is my mare & Cooper was her Quarter Horse mini-me.” Photo by Cecelia Robertson.

“Mother & daughter – my first horse, Becky Walker, with her daughter, Sweet Terra Diem.” Photo by Stephanie Cantrell.

“My daughter asked for this book every night before bed from ages 6-8. When she was 13 she got *her* grey, an OTTB who looks like the pony from the story.” Photo by Kelly Anne.

“My gelding Maestro and his mini-me from Dancing Dream Designs.” Submitted by Rhonda Bailey.

Photo by Candace Marie.

“Say Grace and her mini-me – dragon wings included.” Photo by Catherine Johengen.

“Watching BoJack Horseman was awkward.” Photo (of the real horse) by Pam Vigo.

“Decker as a cookie,” photo by Melissa Jaskela.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.