Gibson and the Apocalypse: The Beast That Ascendeth

And we really shouldn’t be surprised.

One of the more worrisome prophecies in the book of Revelation describes a Hellish beast that will rise from the Bottomless Pit to wage war. The beast itself is likened to various animals — leopard, bear, lion, dragon, multiple horns, multiple heads, you name it, just sounds like an absolute nightmare. But perhaps the most alarming related passage is verse 18, which compares the beast to ‘flying fowl’ that will “eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them.” Of all the descriptions, we didn’t expect that one to be the most accurate … but at the same time, can’t say we’re surprised.

I mean, geese wake up every day and choose violence. Is it really that startling to realize that these cobra chickens come from Down There?

Jenny Kammerer is a professional artist, video producer and frustrated Philadelphia sports fan who’s been in the saddle since the age of four. When she was 16, she met her Paint/QH/Draft cross Gibson (aka Guitar Solo) as a green two-year-old, and quickly settled into the training side of equestrianism, drawing inspiration from the techniques of Pat Parelli and other natural horsemanship teachers. Known for most of her childhood as both the awkward artsy one and the weird horse girl, she always seemed destined to draw nonsensical horse cartoons. In addition to her independent illustration work, she currently teaches painting classes at Painting With A Twist and produces short-form documentaries that can be seen on www.Horse.TV. You can follow her personal art projects and stay up-to-date on Gibson and the Apocalypse on Instagram: @JennyKammArt