2020 Readers’ Choice Awards: Idea of Order Cartoon of the Year

The Idea of Order has been a staple here at Horse Nation. Which 2020 comic is YOUR favorite? Vote now!

Through election cycles, global pandemics, Horse Nation editorial staff changes… you know who has remained a stalwart part of the Horse Nation fabric? Morgane Schmidt and her Idea of Order comic series. That’s why this series gets its own Readers’ Choice Awards. We hope you enjoy this look back at Morgane’s best work of the year — vote for your favorite in the poll below!

Horses are…

Originally published on February 19, 2020

“This is dedicated to all of you who have ever had your horse *inconveniently* require additional farrier help. Not that there is ever a convenient time for this, mind you.”

Show Prep

Originally published on March 4, 2020

“Because sometimes it’s *you* who needs to do 40 laps before gracing the warmup ring. Being a consummate weenie myself, I can attest to this happening. I am fairly sure that more often than not the lunging I did with Wilson had much more to do with me than him. Ah well. Take no chances, right?”

Social Distancing According to Your Horse

Originally published on April 8, 2020

“I’m certainly not making light of social distancing, merely amusing myself with what our horses might think if they realized they may have a whole new excuse.”

When Breed Marketing Goes Off the Rails…

Originally published on June 3, 2020

“In any case, while I *ACTUALLY* like many rare and/or trendy breeds, I feel like they are sadly the victims of people with marketing degrees and no horse sense blowing their popularity through the roof (usually for absurd reasons like color or long manes/tails), which results in them being over-bred and in many cases dumped when their popularity wears off (usually because they’re more attractive to people looking for the novelty of the horse rather than its ability to perform in a given discipline).”

Equine Vocabulary Words

Originally published on July 1, 2020

“This past weekend, while socially distancing at the barn, we all spent some time discussing just how insane some of the things we ask of our horses must seem to them. This of course led to many amusing comments (and some inappropriate ones–in the future look for a comic on ‘The Worst Equine Pick up Lines’) and generated a list of horse vocabulary words similar to the one below. Hopefully you’re as amused as we were (though that’s admittedly going to be tough since we *may* have been sipping some wine while also using awkward voices and imitating what we thought our horses were thinking).”