Photo Challenge: 19 Horse Butts

Large and small, we have equine behinds of all sizes here.

At some point, every horse lover inevitably snaps a photo of their horse’s rear end. Or perhaps you’re trying to capture a before-and-after snapshot showing how much muscle they’ve built. Whether out on the trail, driving, jumping or standing in a field, our latest reader photo challenge requested horse butts and you delivered!

Photo by Jamie Maguire.

Photo by Jeffrey Lesitsky.

Photo by Jennifer Stearns Cross.

Photo by Jessica McDonald.

Photo by Jodie Carlson.

Photo by Kersten Flodin.

Photo by Kristin Matheny.

“During our state’s mandatory COVID shutdown in April, we were all missing our horses so my barn group played booty bingo via text and this was the key,” photo by Merrilyn Ratliff.

Photo by Sherry Pickett Jones.

Submitted by Catherine Amelie Renaud.

Submitted by Mary Ellen Barak, photo by Lara Peek.

“Butts everywhere!” Photo by Laura Plautz.

Photo by Amy Dulan.

Photo by Anita Kennedy.

Photo by Arlene Lini Kelemen.

Photo by Becky J Cocklin.

“When you spend almost every [minute] of your lives together, you even sleep in sync!” Photo by Christy Castle.

Photo by Denise Kirby.

Photo by Eva McGuire.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!