Photo Challenge: 18 Horses Who Are Just Done With 2020

From bucking and kicking to sticking their tongues out or giving the world “The Butt,” as one reader put it, these 18 horses and one reader getting through life on their unicorn pool float are straight-up D-O-N-E, done, done, done with 2020 and its curveballs.

Submitted by Marilynne Wright, photo by Dee Dee Murry.

“Sudden change of plans,” submitted by Lauren Roling, photo by Kellie Hunt.

“The paint is my gelding – he fell asleep mid-stride. That’s how exhausted I am with how this year has gone so far,” photo by Jen Zacharias.

“This pretty much sums it up,” photo by Amy Dulan.

“Getting two deeply embedded tooth fragments removed,” photo by Cecelia Robertson (as another reader commented on the thread – “2020 has been like pulling teeth.”)

“Heart says ‘thhhhpt,” photo by Miranda Hassler.

“I am done,” photo by Melanie Helms.

“I think 2020 is giving us ‘the butt.’ (he was actually asking for a back end scratch)” photo by Jeffrey Lesitsky.

“Just getting through 2020 on my unicorn with a broom as an oar.” Photo by Clare Mansmann.

“My face through 2020,” photo by Kim Lanning.

Photo by Brooke Wheeler Mollison.

Submitted by Anne Zahradnik, photo by Karen Kuhn.

Photo by Matthew Maiello.

Photo (and, presumably the photoshopped angry eyebrows and hands on the hips) by Miki Pryzybylski.

“Blah, this year is awful so far,” photo by Rich McCarthy.

Photo by Stacey Knapp.

“Ready for 2020 to be over,” photo by Lexi Poteat.

Submitted by Malinda Zielke – “also titled ‘things that happen when you’re trying to make a sales video.”

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Go riding!