Photo Challenge: Six Horses Enjoying Their Grooming Sessions

“Grooming is the process of transferring dirt and hair from the horse to the person grooming them.”

If you’ve gotten through the winter, congratulations, now it’s nearly spring and with it comes shedding and mud! Hooray! (I’m being sarcastic, readers.) Anyway — shedding and mud season also mean more grooming sessions for the equines. We’ve all joked that we’ve brushed enough hair off of a horse to build a second horse (and I’m pretty sure I once brushed enough hair off of my cat to practically build a kitten), so this week’s theme was horses enjoying a good ol’ grooming session. Also, I’ve been out of the horse ownership game for a couple of years and I don’t think they had vacuums to use on horses when I was a horse owner — or maybe they did and I just never saw/heard of anyone using them — so I learned something new gathering these: vacuums are used for grooming, apparently.

“Enough hair to make a mini Bandit!” Photo by Julie Bortz Stankus.

“Kricket has learned to love the vacuum, too.” Photo by Jen Joines.

Photo by Denise Kirby.

Photo by Kati Mayer.

Photo by Kyrah Jo.

Photo by Miranda Hassler.

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Go riding!