Photo Challenge: 32 Readers Showing Some Love

All you need is love… and a horse!

As the Beatles so famously sang, “All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” These 32 photos of our readers and their horses certainly match that sentiment!

Submitted by Toni Wolf, photo by Doug White.

“Giving her 17.1 hand lesson ‘pony’ a hug.” Photo by Natalie Leighton.

“My daughter during a Shetland halter class.” Photo Amy Flemming Waters Photography.

“My horse showing me love – I think.” Photo by Sarah Schaner.

“My reaction after winning my first 2’6 class at a 4-H county horse show.” Submitted by Nicole Robinson, photo by Kati Cotton.

Photo by Christina Markwell

Photo by Diane Christensen.

Photo by Emily Szyszkiewicz.

Photo by Esmeralda Den Besten.

Photo by Jackie Andrews.

Photo by Jennifer Otis.

Photo by Katie Dugan Cannon.

Photo by Katie Wetteland.

Photo by Kayla Marie Dean.

Photo by Kerri Davis.

Photo by Lisa Hofmann.

Photo by Sheryl Soendlin.

Submitted by Ainsley Jacobs, photo by Erin Wheeler/Sweet Fresno Equestrian Photography.

Submitted by Amanda Cousins, photo by Canterclix.

Submitted by Clare Mansmann, photo by Allison Howell.

Submitted by Heather Scanlon, photo by Forever West Photography.

Submitted by Janette Gamble Coulter, photo by Chase Hall.

Submitted by Jean Moran, photo by John Borys Photography.

Submitted by Jeannette Parrett, photo by Jessica Farren Photography.

Submitted by Jeannie Lewis Bagget, photo by Mallory Bertrand.

Submitted by Kat Grace, photo by Matt Newnham.

Submitted by Kerri Davis, photo by Jessica Marie Butler.

Submitted by Merrilyn Elise, photo by Bethany P Photography.

Submitted by Rachel Severinsen, photo by Cameron Bragg

Submitted by Sydney Sunshine Rohm, photo by Oaklunn Photography.

Submitted by Taylor Foxhall, photo by Victoria Morano.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!