#NoStirrupNovember: 13 Riders Who Are Making the Rest of Us Look Bad, by Draper Therapies

#NoStirrupNovember is here. Are you hanging in there?

We’re officially three weeks into #NoStirrupNovember 2019. How’s it going out there, killas?

That good, huh. Well, you’re in luck: We’re in the homestretch of this thing, and everywhere we look readers are making this no-stirrup thing look way too easy. Look at ’em, just galavanting around, making the rest of us look bad.

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#NoStirrupNovember Are you participating?! . . . Technically I’d say I’m not. I appreciate the concept, but I personally feel that unless a rider has a perfect independent seat, which I know I don’t, hanging up the stirrups for an entire month isn’t in the horse’s best interest. So instead of taking the stirrups off my saddles for November, I try to commit to dropping them for a couple rides a week, or riding bareback, year-round *after* my horses are properly warmed up with me off their backs first. I also love a good, torturous no-stirrup lunge lesson, but again only after a proper warm up! 💪🏼 . . . Anyway, what are your thoughts on No Stirrup November?! How often do you ride without stirrups regularly?! Would love to hear your thoughts! . . . Outfit details include @hannahchildslifestyle top & belt, @celerisuk boots & bell boots, @saratogahorseworks wraps, Schockemoehle breeches via @ridingwarehouse 💖 _______________________________________________________ 📸: @kristinleephotollc #usequestrian #jointhejoy #hearthorse

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Last week, I wrote a bit about practicing the trot with no stirrups for #NoStirrupNovember. Once you start to feel confident working in the trot with no stirrups, you can start to work in the canter! . – Do some transitions into and out of the canter with stirrups first to make sure your horse is listening to your aids. . – Focus on keeping a good alignment in your body so that your weight stays in your seat, helping you sit back and stay balanced. . – Resist the temptation to grip with your knees and, which can tip you forward and cause you to lose balance. . – Start on the lunge line on a steady horse if you feel a bit insecure, then build from there. Patience makes perfect 😁 #dressagetrainingtips #dressagetraining #canter

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Ouch. I mean, whoop whoop! Keep up the great work out there, HN! Just make sure that you’re taking care of your long-suffering horse whose back you’ve been bouncing around on for the past month. Draper Equine Therapy products are a great way to do just that, offering comfort and therapeutic relief.

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Go Riding (without stirrups)!

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