Photo Challenge: 30 Reader Adventures Between The Ears

No matter where you ride, a “between the ears” snapshot is a universal thing.

And readers, this week we rounded up 30 of your photos! I must say, you all go on some awesome adventures — we’ve got photos from Australia, Maui and Argentina! We’ve got horses checking out their reflections in the arena mirrors, riders relaxing with a can of beer, a retired horse grabbing a bite to eat and some all-around gorgeous scenery (lots and lots of gorgeous scenery). So, scroll down, check it out, and see if your photo was among the lucky ones that made it into this post!

Photo by Sara Campbell

This reader said her horse is retired, so a between the ears pic means looking into his food. Photo by Kaitlyn Murray.

Riding in Skagway, Alaska. Photo by Becky J. Cocklin.

Riding in the Smoky Mountains. Photo by Aric Black.

Riding in Valley Forge Park. Photo by Kait Brennan.

Riding on Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake. Photo by Denise Kirby.

Sunrise in Australia. Photo by Amelia Coates.

The battlefield at Gettysburg. Photo by Kimberly Beldam.

Riding at Big Horn 50, photo by Sarah Mountain.

Riding in Bryce Canyon. Photo by Kelsey Prudhomme.

Looking into Snow Canyon, photo by Ricki Dominique Wischmann.

View of the Pacific Ocean in Maui, photo by Sonn Skibiak.

Riding in Patagonia, Argentina, photo by Julia Rosenbaum Rietz.

Photo by Abby Latchaw.

Photo by Amy Dulan.

Photo by Caila Perez.

Photo by Cheyenne Romaine.

Photo by Dani Hutcheon.

Photo by Jamie Maguire.

Photo by Jodie Carlson.

Photo by Katie Wetteland.

Arizona desert. Photo by Kiley Rubin.

Photo by Kindra McClellan.

Photo by Kristin Gottsponer.

Photo by Magen Francisco.

Photo by Meaghan Monahan.

Photo by Miranda Hassler.

Photo by Molly Frey.

Photo by Robin Leigh Burns.

Photo by Sandi Terry Everett.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!