Photo Challenge: Teamwork Making the Dream Work

17 photos showcasing teamwork in the horse world.

This week’s photo challenge theme was teamwork. Equestrian sports are often viewed as individual sports (or your horse is considered your “teammate”) and while we all appreciate our teammates with hooves, we also love showing some love to our human teammates, too! This week’s photo challenge showcases that love across disciplines and ages, as you, dear readers, submitted everything from friends kindly lending you their horses to try barrel racing to 4-H memories, eventing, hunter paces, volunteering at therapeutic riding barns and just hanging out with your friends. Here are 17 photos showing that teamwork does, indeed, make the dream work!

Trying out barrel racing. Submitted by Jackie Gordon, Photo Credit: Cathy White.

IEA Horse Trials, submitted by Allison O’Dwyer, photo credit JJ Sillman.

Photo credit Laurie Slifer Lopez.

4-H Drill Team. Submitted by Abby Latchaw, photo credit Madi Ice.

Submitted by Lexi Poteat, photo credit Andrea Mellinger.

Submitted by Anne Ross Stone, photo credit David Martinez.

Submitted by Clare Mansmann, photo credit Allison Howell.

Hunter pace. Submitted by Ellise Spaulding, photo credit Susan Spaulding.

4-H’ers relaxing after a long day of showing. Photo credit: Christa Littleton.

Photo credit Mary Ford Glickman.

Submitted by Julia Rosenbaum Rietz, photo credit Erin Fulk.

Submitted by Lindsey Burns, photo credit Josh Ramirez.

Submitted by Shawna Bowin, photo credit Elayne Barclay.

Photo credit Paula Trovy.

Photo credit Hope Carlin.

Husband crewing at endurance ride. Submitted by Sarah Mountain, photo credit Becky Pearman.

Volunteers keep therapeutic riding programs going. Submitted by Linda M. Watson-Call, photo credit Courtney Kay Blackwell.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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