Photo Challenge: 26 Equine Rear-End Views

Horse butts. Big, small, muscular, not-so-muscular, braided, muddy — you name it and we’ve got a photo!

This week’s photo challenge called for photos of equine rear-ends. Surprisingly there was a lot of variety; who knew there were so many ways to snap a photo of a horse’s backside? From braided and fancied-up to dusty and muddy, riding on the beach or just standing in the field, we rounded up 26 scenes involving equine behinds!

Underneath the dust and dirt, this horse is a dark bay. Photo by Emily Layeski.

Photo by Ami N Jamie Smith.

Photobombed by an Akhal-Teke butt. Photo by Amrita Ibold.

Photo by Cecelia Robertson.

Photo by Christy Castle.

Photo by Emmy Leung.

Photo by Harley Cozewith.

Photo by Hope Carlin.

Photo by Jackie Lee Kang.

Photo by Jacqueline Grant.

Photo by Jeffrey Lesitsky.

Photo by Jocelyn Mackie.

Photo by Kastyn Matheny.

Photo by Laura Strzelewicz.

Photo by Melisa Cwikla Boduch.

Photo by Noelle Snyder.

Photo by Sherrie Johnson.

Photo by Susan Kennon.

Submitted by Allison Whitson, photo by Christine Westphal Photography.

Submitted by Calli Raver (who said this photo was taken after her difficult to stop horse nailed it!), photo by Matt McDowell.

Submitted by Clare Mansmann, photo by Allison Howell.

2019 Tevis Cup. Submitted by Jessica Brewer-Cobbley, photo by Gore Photography.

Submitted by Julie Bortz Stankus, photo by Audrey Chapman.

Submitted by Karen Patrick Webb, photo by Erin Wheeler/Sweet Fresno Photography.

Submitted by Kendall Vaitkus, photo by Tara Williamson.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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