Photo Challenge: 20 Readers Rockin’ It

Readers’ adventures on horseback!

This week, we wanted photos of our readers rockin’ it from horseback and, as always, you delivered! This week we’ve got cowboy mounted shooting scenes, trail rides, a trip to India (complete with Marwaris), several mounted archery shots, and everything in between! Here are the photos narrowed down from 86 Facebook comments and the Instagram posts! Keep submitting and as always please remember to include the photographer credit when you submit!


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Canter Pirouette. Submitted by Nicole Day. Photo by Susan Stickle Photography.

Submitted by Valerie Venable, photo by Bob Zuel.

Old Dominion 100 Mile Endurance Ride. Submitted by Sarah Mountain, photo by Becky Pearman.

Live smoke grenade, photo by Paolo Gonzalez.

Submitted by Marcella Gruchalak, photo by Jim Sommers Photography.

Musical freestyle. Submitted by Carina Colvin, photo by Teryn Ferrell.

Submitted by Sabra Estabrooks, photo by Birdy Ness/Unbridled Photography.

Photo by Brittney Broadrick.

Submitted by Amberlyanna Filbern, photo by Jenny Jerman.

Riding Marwaris in the Great Indian Desert. Submitted by Stephanie Cantrell.

Staying cool in Arizona. Submitted by Jen Ericson, photo by Sam Breitling.

Submitted by Ami N Jamie Smith, photo by Candi Miller.

Submitted by Calli Raver, photo credit, the show photographer (Calli forgot their name)

Submitted by Jeri Close, photo by Matt Brown.

Submitted by Leigh Kroger Bishop, photo by LB Photos.

Submitted by Mandy Endfinger, photo by Sean Endfinger.

Submitted by Melissa Swain, photo by Melissa Ledford.

Train robbery reenactment, submitted by Jojo VanGinkel, photo by Brian Leach.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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