SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Piper Waterproof Rain Jacket Review

Classic Piper styling with SmartPak’s excellent value? There’s a lot to love about the Piper Waterproof Rain Jacket!

Photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Bentley

I’m starting to feel like a curmudgeon, but seriously — every spring seems to be wetter than the last one, and this spring has certainly been no exception (where are all my mid-Atlantic readers? You know what I’m talking about). Much to my chagrin, I’ve discovered that my other rain jackets are no longer waterproof — it’s such a bummer when garments age after years of regular use, despite my attempts at prolonging their life by re-waterproofing the seams.

While browsing the vendor tents at the Kentucky Three-Day, a rack of rain jackets at the totally-packed-with-people SmartPak booth caught my eye, and I wandered in to try it on. Unfortunately, the last Piper Waterproof Rain Jackets left on the rack were way too big, but when I inquired at the checkout counter about any more inventory, I was able to place an order in the size I wanted, plus apply the show special, plus apply my SmartPerks for being a SmartPak subscriber. What a deal!!

When my Piper Waterproof Rain Jacket finally arrived, it got a workout right away with this wet weather we’ve been having. There’s a lot to love about this jacket:

  • It’s waterproof! No-brainer, but an important feature in a rain jacket
  • It’s lightweight: perfect for warm spring days when you don’t want another layer but don’t want to get soaked
  • Stowable hood when it’s not actually raining
  • Flattering color and cut
  • Designed for riders with longer drop

I’m wearing the “mulled grape with feather gray” color, but the Piper rain jacket also comes in black with olive and darkest navy with teal blue. Browse all the colors and size options at!

As always, all sized items from SmartPak get free returns — not that I’ll be returning this jacket, as it’s already become a staple in my closet for barn wear!

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