Photo Challenge: 31 Brilliant Springtime Vistas

It’s looking good out there, Horse Nation!

Early spring is a land of mud and and puddles and filth. So is late spring, but usually by mid-May the grass is up, flowers are opening and it’s at least pretty mud and puddles and filth. Here’s looking at you, Horse Nation!

Amy Dulan took this today at Sundog Ranch, LLC in Northern Michigan. I think it’s finally spring!

Anita Kennedy: Last week my husband, Brian Kennedy, captured a hot air balloon flying low over our farm.

Photo by Emma Reeves

I miss this view! Photo credit Laura Kurrle

Axis admiring the flowers. Photo by Ally Carrier

Riding with friends through the buttercup fields of Olney Farm! #goriding
Photo by Merrilyn Ratliff

Katherine Gordon Ozburn: Me and my daughter ponying through the fields. Photo credit: Marie

Photo by Sarah Jutz

We started bringing my horse back into work after a lameness. Last Friday was the first time he got to ride out in the fields in about 10 months. He was so happy to be out. Photo by Kari-Ann Bream

Evening Rainbow at Remembrance Farm……. photo credit Becky J. Cocklin

Gretchen Sienicki: Photography by Tracy Bond

Kip overlooking Prairie Wind Farm. Photo by Ann Ross Stone

Credit: Jackie Gordon

PC: Meaghan Monahan

PC: Jenny Narregan

Maudi and Rooster in the wheat field. We come up here when I need time to think. No better company than these 2.
Photo by Cecelia Robertson

Melisa Cwikla Boduch: Couldn’t have asked for better spring weather!
Photo Credit: Cathi Edman

California’s super bloom!
Photo by Jen Joines

Liberty admiring the view during our walk, spring has finally sprung in Ellensburg, Washington. 📷 Jessica Farren.

Denny looking at the horses and cows next door still not convinced they won’t eat him. Photo by myself Lexi Poteat @ Time and Again Farm Vernon Florida

Riding the rim of Snow Canyon.
Credit: me (Ricki Wischmann)

Mtn view in Norway. Photo by Mavis Bacon Bienek

Aradia Dean Willard: Easter morning trail ride! We took the horses to the sunrise service in the Sandhills, then had a trail ride after. PC Amy Waggoner.

Springtime riding in Germany. Photo by Holly Carr

Ah, spring. Photo credit Miranda Hassler

My old horse and I last year going for a lovely springtime sunset gallop! (PC: Sarah Wryk)

Jamie Massey Jennings: Friesian + Grand Tetons = Awesome
Photo of Jamie Jennings and Bear
Taken by Chad Jennings

Greetings from Germany! Photo by Sonja Lenecke

Luke and Chance blazing a trail in the Berkshires. Photo Credit: me, Stephanie Griffiths

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the middle of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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