Total Saddle Fit Tuesday Video: Bike Trailer

Emma Massingale’s latest crazy stunt will have you smiling… and is also raising money for the Brooke, one of the world’s best-known working equine charities.

Emma Massingale, one of our favorite horsemanship trainers, is off on her latest adventure: a thousand-kilometer tricycle ride across six European countries… with her two miniature ponies in tow. Yep, on THIS horsey adventure, the human is towing the horses — not the other way around.

But when you think of the fact that Emma is using this trip to fundraise for and raise awareness of the mission of the Brooke, perhaps the world’s best-known equine charity that focuses on working animals in the developing world, it all makes sense — and we love her all the more for it.

It’s certainly not going to be an easy trip!

To learn more about Emma’s trip and to donate to support the Brooke, please visit her JustGiving page.

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