Best of JN: She Sticks The Landing

I bet you couldn’t do this if you tried.

Everyone thinks riding horses is soooo easy and that our horses are just point and shoot. Unless you have been in the saddle galloping up to a sizable oxer, it is hard to understand just how important is every nanosecond in the ring. One of the most critical parts of jumping is finding the ever-illusive “perfect” distance… and in fact, sometimes that take-off spot just comes up wrong no matter how hard you plan.

For example: this rider had planned this line to be a four-stride, but it came up a hair long. As her horse decided that this was the perfect opportunity for an “ummm, nope” moment, they parted ways only for the rider to find herself in a bit of an unusual spot.

Sometimes I wish there were style points in jumping…. 10 points to Gryffindor for this fantastic landing!

Go Jumping!

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