World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: The Return of Geoffry the Conqueror

The internet’s favorite free-ranging miniature sensation is back! Here is the latest helmet cam from Geoffry the Conqueror.

After a knee injury sidelined our favorite mini-celebrity for about a year (!), Geoffry is back! If you’re meeting Geoffry for the first time, he is a darling miniature horse who truly lives his life to the fullest. While many minis might see the world on a lead or in harness from the confines of an arena or a carefully-graded carriage path, Geoffry gets down and dirty like his full-sized horse companions, trail riding all over… including the beach.

Let’s celebrate the return of Geoffry with his first long ride back!

Living the dream. This horse might have better adventures than I do!

Go riding.

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