Standing Ovation by Ovation Riding: Terolyn Horse Rescue, Resilience on the Plains

Every Friday, Horse Nation teams up with Ovation Riding and spotlights an individual or organization doing good work in the horse world. Today, we recognize Terolyn Horse Rescue of Elizabeth, Colorado.

Terolyn Horse Rescue (THR) is a 501c3 nonprofit located on over one hundred acres of rolling grassland in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Teri Allen, THR’s founder, has been a horsewoman all her life. Her parents supported her equestrian endeavors; they flew her horse from Alaska to Colorado when the family relocated there. Allen, who has a degree in animal science from Colorado State University, began rescuing horses over three decades ago.

In 2016, she and husband Jim, along with their daughter, Ryann, organized their farm into a nonprofit so supporters of their rescue work could made donations that would be tax deductible.

The rescue takes in animals of all ages and stages of life. Young and healthy, or old and waning, Teri’s heart is huge and her spirit indomitable.

Teri Allen with some of the horses who owe their life to Terolyn Horse Rescue’s work. Photos provided by THR.

Just over a year ago, tragedy struck the Allen family when a fire completely destroyed their home.

The Allen home; it was a total loss.

The loss of their home was a setback, as well as an emotional blow, but the Allens’ primary concern remained focused on the horses in their care.  The local community and THR’s volunteer crew all pitched in to provide additional support while the Allens recovered from their loss.

All breeds, ages, and levels of training are welcomed into THR’s rescue/rehab/rehoming program.

The nonprofit is run by a Board of Directors and enjoys support from their local community. Dedicated volunteers help care for the horses, as well as handle them, train them, and prepare each one to transition successfully into a forever home. Those who are inappropriate candidates for adoption live out the remainder of their life safe and well cared for at THR.

Along with physical rehabilitation, each animal in THR’s care is given individual attention to provide for their mental and emotional well-being.

THR accepts donations at

For more information contact THR at [email protected] or visit their website at

Many thanks thanks to Ovation Riding for their support of both Horse Nation and individuals and organizations that are doing good work in the horse world. If you know someone who deserves a Standing Ovation, we would love to recognize them in a future post. Email the name of the person or organization along with a message about the good work they do to [email protected]. Photos/videos are always welcome, and include a link to their website if applicable.

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