SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Time to Deploy in the War on Flies

SmartPak has everything you need for a well-developed arsenal this year in the war on flies: allow us to introduce you to the very thorough step-by-step guide from SmartPak for your horse’s happiest, most comfortable fly season ever.

Spring weather is here. Hooray! Unfortunately, with the warmer weather and longer hours of daylight come biting stable flies, annoying face-swarming house flies, ticks, mosquitoes and more. Boo!

Before you curl up in a ball at the prospect of dealing with insects all summer long and start longingly thinking of winter again, know that there’s an arsenal of information as well as products and supplies available from our friends at SmartPak to protect your horse from insects, make your barn and farm a fly-free zone and ensure that your horses have the most comfortable summer ever.

Your starting point in this war on flies? SmartPak’s super-thorough fly solutions guide. You’ll find…

  • Information about the various types of flies and insects that pester your horse
  • Area-specific fly control methods
  • Tips for sizing fly gear for your horse
  • A quick guide to using Fly Predators
  • Information about fly control supplements to protect your horse from the inside out

When we say it’s thorough, we really mean it. Check out the full Fly Solutions guide at!

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