Best of JN: 6 Signs It’s Spring

Spring has sort of crept up on us in the Midwest amidst downpours of rain and the recurring memory of a winter day here and there. Imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning to find, GASP, it was warm outside! For those of you who still aren’t sure if spring will ever appear in your area, here are six tell-tale signs that spring is here and here to stay.

Hair. Hair Everywhere. 

The first sign of spring is much dreaded shedding season. No bother being cute this time of year. One trip to the barn will leave you looking like a little Chewbacca.

The Days Get a Little Longer

Which obviously means MORE HOURS IN THE DAY TO RIDE. Yes, I will join you in your happy dance.

Your Normal Saint of a Horse Has Decided to Have a Second Career as a Bucking Bronc

Something about spring makes all of our horses feel a little more spunky, a little more youthful. Either way, you can usually tell when spring is upon us by the number of bucks, head tosses, or unrequested piaffe steps your horse performs during your ride.

EVERYTHING Becomes Terrifying

In the same vein as my last point, your horse also becomes inexplicably terrified by anything and everything? That tree that has always been there? Yup, it’s definitely going to eat him. Her own shadow? Absolutely petrifying.

For Those Of Us Who Abandoned All Hopes of a Winter Show Season, the First Show of the Year Creeps Up On Us

How long has it been since our last time in the show ring? Four months?! IT FEELS LIKE FOUR YEARS! Can I go back to crossrails please? I am NOT ready…

But then You Man Up and Realize that this is YOUR YEAR

In fact, you are THE next Beezie Madden. You can do this. Time to schedule ALL the shows because OLYMPICS HERE YOU COME! Now, just to talk to the Olympic committee about hosting a 2’6″ division…

Happy Spring, and Go Jumping!

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