Total Saddle Fit Tuesday Video: Stirrup-Free XC

A little throwback to 2017 in honor of this video going viral again…

The internet is a mysterious place in which everything that’s old is new again, and our timeline for what is “old” is sometimes just a matter of a few months. Such is the case with this viral-again video of Maya Simmons and Archie Rocks at Carolina International, in which Simmons has a “minor” tack malfunction.

This takes “losing your stirrups” to a whole new level. They’re not just gone… they’re GONE.

Yep, somehow, both of Simmons’ stirrups came unattached… from the saddle. She made a valiant attempt to continue on, and while the video shows her riding forth in great form for the next few combinations totally-stirrup free, she eventually slid off to the side over a bit of a twisty jump by Archie Rocks.

As far as we’re concerned, though, she’s a winner.

Check your tack! And go riding!

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