Photo Challenge: 25 Driving Readers


One of my favorite things about Horse Nation is that every discipline of horse sport is represented. This week, we wanted to see all the drivers of Horse Nation show off their talents — and our readers responded!

This is my 8 year old home bred, raised, and trained Percheron gelding, Sinner, last summer. I never had to look at the end of the rainbow for treasure, it was always on the buckle ends of my lines. He was a good show horse, and we had found much enjoyment in repurposing ourselves into competitive carriage driving. I lost him August 22. Photo by Brooke VanderHoning

Uldrik 457 driving while in Holland. He has now been imported to the US.
Owned by Kylee Sheila Dunn of Pitch Black Stables
Taken by me: Samantha Dawn of Heart Of A Cowgirl Photography

Gen. Photo by Amanda Reed Fedak

Emily Parmenter: Baby Luke enjoying going for a drive with his mini Trixie. PC Amy Brassard

Scooter out driving a month ago. Photo by Glenn Hebert

Tristan Aldrich: Photo Credit Dee Lawson-Aldrich

Our Percheron girl Lizzie helping us have fun in winter. Photo by Brigid Felling

Jayme Conti giving rides at Chautauqua Institution. Photo by Missy Dabolt

When we had snow! April in her Norwegian harness. Photo by Sarah Ladd

This my parents, Ed & Mindy Zinthefer, driving our team on a wagon train back in 2016. Photo by Jojo VanGinkel

Sunset Acres Randy and Triple Spruce Mark heading in the back lane of the family farm Photo Credit Sara Campbell

My husband and his aunt driving Bud. Photo by Sara Perkins

My Thoroughbred, Thai, and I driving at a ranch this past summer. Photo credit Jonathan Reed

Driving my thoroughbred Delightfully. Photo taken by Wendy Wooley

Photo by Hannah Poison

Judy Cook: Flora the Percheron. Photo credit Kevin Flynn.

Sonja Lennecke: My two Shetlands
Photo credit: Milena Kim Wegner

Photo by Jackie Rollins

Kathi Goodman, Bald Eagle Creek Farm. Driving Millcreek Valley Viceroy “Roy” at the Md State Fair. Photo credit Traci Gettys Morrison

Chelsie Kohns Sievers: My welsh mountain pony pair! Photo by D&G Photography of Iowa.

Wendy Gruskiewicz: Photo by Susan Travis

Not quite driving yet. But we were working towards it! Nordland horse of the Vikings named Haldi. Photo by Mavis Bacon Bienek

My boy Jack’s first hitch up! He did so great..absolutely love it. I took the picture but Jamie Maguire is the trainer. She’s an amazing trainer ! Photo by Ali Smith Olson

Brianna Dickmon Fry: Moana the Clydesdale. Even after 18 years, a nice quiet drive on a pretty day is always the ticket…
Photo credit – Brandon Fry

Grey Pony taking in the view. Photo by Molly Frey

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the middle of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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