Total Saddle Fit Tuesday Video: Being an Equestrian

Josh Pray is back with another hilarious look at this crazy life we call equestrianism.

The grace of a perfect equitation round… the power in a good sliding stop… the control in a passage or piaffe…

This is not the parts of the equestrian world that concern Josh Pray. He’s thinking more about the fact that we’re outside all the time, we do some weird, questionable things in the names of equine comfort, we don’t in fact feed them sugar cubes all the time, and we’re a generally good group of people who live in constant fear of getting kicked in the side of the head.

His take on what it’s like to be an eque… equeddy… that word he can’t say is pretty hysterical:

Josh Pray thanks us all for our patience in answering his and any other equine-novice’s endless questions. Keep opening up your world, fellow equestrians, and welcome in those who want to learn. If nothing else, we’ll get some pretty funny video takes on the whole deal.

Go riding!

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