Monday PM Feed From SmartPak: Fly Mask Shopping

It’ll be fly season before you know it… are you in the market for a new mask for your horse? Check out these in-depth video features on some of the masks carried by our friends at SmartPak!

Fly masks have come a long way: their ability to offer UV protection is just as important now as their ability to keep flies from pestering your horse’s eyes and ears. While dressing your herd in fly masks inevitably welcomes the nonstop queries from passersby and your neighbors as to why your horses are suddenly blindfolded, you’ll be glad to know that not only are your horses comfortable, but you’re protecting their eyes from UV damage as well.

But where do you start? There are so many masks on the market right now that it can be tricky to figure out exactly which one will work for your horse. We can’t tell you specifically which mask to buy, but we can definitely steer you towards some helpful resources courtesy of our friends at SmartPak. Here are two in-depth video peeks at masks in the SmartPak online store!

Browse the entire collection of fly masks at SmartPak!

Go riding.

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