Friday Video: When You Think You See a Ghost…

We’ve all seen this equine expression before…

Sometimes, my horses will all swing their heads and their bodies and stand alert out in the paddock together at the same time — that’s when I know there’s something interesting happening, such as the other night, when they all four of them stood there to watch the neighbor’s husky/Malamute/feral wolf-hybrid dragging its owner down the road on its hind legs on a nice spring evening.

Other times, one of them will most certainly see a ghost. And it looks pretty much just like this:

Poor buddy. I’m sure whatever you think you saw is perfectly friendly.

Real talk: anyone have any theories on what horses are doing when this happens? Rarely does it result in a horse getting truly upset, but it sure does look like they’re about to panic when they do it.

Go riding!

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