SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask the Vet, March Edition

Keratomas, fibroblastic sarcoids, fecal egg counts for deworming… and so much more! Get ready to kick off your week with an informative “Ask the Vet” video from SmartPak.

Thanks, SmartPak, for ensuring that all horse owners have access to free education to help us all be better-informed horse owners! The ongoing “Ask the Vet” series is always chock-full of information, as SmartPaker Dan and SmartPak Staff Veterinarian Dr. Lydia Gray answer real fan-submitted horse health questions on a variety of topics.

Questions answered in this episode:

1. My horse recently had a keratoma “scare” in her right hind foot. My farrier noticed the growth and we had the vet perform x-rays about a year and a half ago. The vet saw a small growth in the x-rays but it was no where near the bone so she wasn’t concerned and said just to keep an eye on it. Since the x-rays, my vet has left her practice. My horse is barefoot and sound and we have been documenting by taking pictures every time we trim her. My question is, what is a keratoma? How are they treated? And when should we know to have more x-rays taken if any. Thanks so much!!!

2. What is the best estimate for how much hay to give the average horse on the colder days/nights? I’ve been reading that hay, rather than grain, is best for warmth using their hindgut. Don’t want to risk colic.

3. I have tried my best to go through your previous videos but couldn’t find one on running fecal egg counts and what to do with the results! There are so many opinions out there on deworming schedules and running those egg counts! What do you suggest? I have a new retired OTSB that had a Idexx McMasters Fecal Egg Count of 700- high shedder… she was dewormed with 1 dose of Panacur because the records I received with her indicated her previous deworming 8 weeks prior was with Ivermectin. I see some suggest running another FEC in 14 days after deworming and some say to wait 8 weeks!!!! Help! Thanks!!!

4. Can you do a segment about ridding your horse of sarcoids? I am currently using blood root but it is painful. My horse has fibroblastic sarcoids on sheath and inner thigh. I have seen some food additives that cure from “the inside out?”

5. Is it safe for the horse to wear a fly mask while riding? I really want to protect the horse’s eyes.

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Go riding.

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