4 Affordable Rider Indulgences That You Deserve, Presented by Draper Therapies

Hey, equestrian. Yes, you, the one who spends all of your money on your horse and never get anything for yourself. You deserve to be comfortable and stylish too! Here are 4 affordable rider indulgences we think you deserve.

We will never not reference Parks & Rec.

I’m with you, hardworking equestrians who spend all of their money on their horses: I rode all last summer in a pair of old boots through which I could literally see my socks (rainy days were just my cross to bear) but when Jobber needed to be bumped up to a five-week shoeing cycle after a spate of thrown shoes I didn’t even squawk. There’s a handle on my bathroom sink that falls off if you crank it too hard, but the horses’ run-in shed got additional trimwork for longevity in the weather.

This is the life of the equestrian: we never treat ourselves to anything if it means our horses might do without. For you, we’ve put together this list of affordable indulgences — so you can finally get the style and comfort you deserve for working so hard for your horses, without breaking the bank!

1. Supportive insoles. Go ahead and laugh, but I added a pair of Dr. Scholls inserts to my boots for those long days at the farm when we’re putting up hay, moving and sorting cattle or picking sweet corn, and they’re probably the smartest purchase I’ve ever made for long horse show days when I’m on my feet from pre-dawn to after dark. I truly did not realize how much of a difference they would make until I was recently working three days at a horse expo and felt just as fresh at the end of the day as I had in the morning. I don’t think it matters how good of a boot you bought initially — a custom insole insert will make your feet happy, and happy feet = happy rider all day long. $35 at most drugstores.

2. Good quality socks. I promise I don’t have a foot fetish, I just really believe that comfortable feet are the key for feeling better all over your body on long days. I buy midweight, lightly-padded hiking socks for my riding and barn work, and having that mild cushion and support makes me feel like I’m walking on two personal small clouds all day. I really like Lorpen socks, which fortunately my local tack shop keeps in stock. They have never once fallen down in my boot, which we all know is one of the most stupidly miserable things that can happen to a person. $19.

3. Moisture-wicking tops. Chalk this up with “products I didn’t realize would make a difference until I tried them,” but wearing an athletic-designed moisture-wicking top for warm-weather riding is truly a revelation in comfort. I was guilty of wearing the same handful of ratty cotton t-shirts until they fell apart or were too stained for the public eye, but I tried a Noble Equestrian wicking tee a few summers ago and it rapidly became my favorite shirt for riding (and any other outdoor activity). Many other equestrian companies have figured out this trend as well. It looks like my favorite tee is no longer stocked by Noble, but there’s a tank top with the same technology on their website for $25.

4. Comfy lounge pants. Whether you’re looking for a covering pair to throw on over your breeches between classes at shows this summer, or a cozy pair of loungers to kick back on the couch with after a long day at the barn, these Draper Pajama Pants fit the bill. The description alone makes me look forward to that kind of happy-tired-sore at the end of the show weekend when you’ll be happy to have these PJs to curl up in, especially with Celiant technology that recycles and converts body heat into therapeutic infrared energy for muscle recovery. $65.

Need more ideas? Check out the Body Therapy section on the Draper website… and, yes, there are plenty of equine products too.

Go riding!

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