The Most Popular Irish-Themed Show Names, Presented by Draper Therapies

There are well over a thousand names in the USEF database that include “Irish.” And yes, we did go through all of them. Just a little something fun from our friends at Draper Therapies!

Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day! As they say, everyone’s Irish on March 17, and we thought there was no better time to take a look at who else is a little Irish… in the show ring.

We took a stroll through the USEF horse database to see how many horses had “Irish” as part of their name. As it turns out, over 1,100 horses have at least a little Irish blood — as far as their name goes!

Some of the most popular, stereotypically, were beverages: several variations of Irish Cream, Irish Creme, Bailey’s Irish Cream topped the list, with Irish Coffee, Irish Whiskey and Killian’s Irish Red also making strong showings. Over 30 horses alone were named Irish Mist; Luck of the Irish and just plain ol’ Irish were also popular choices.

Click the word cloud to bring up a high-res version.

May you have the luck of the Irish this show season — these horses sure do!

Go riding.

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