On This, the First Monday of Daylight Saving Time

A battle speech for fellow equestrians, on this, the longest Monday of the year.


Have heart, my fellow equestrians!

For though we are dragging on this, the first Monday of Daylight Saving Time, propping open our eyelids with Q-tips and pouring yet another cup of coffee,

Though we are already sleep-deprived on a normal day, thanks to the early-morning hours spent feeding and cleaning up after our noble beasts before we dash off to a day job,

On this day, and all the days to come (until November 3rd), we RIDE.

No more must we squeeze in our ride time under the flickering glare of indoor arena lights.

No more must we go for another boring evening lunge session as night falls around us.

No more must we simply gaze upon our horses, waiting for weekend hours in which we know upon what we look in daylight hours.

For while this Monday we may be yawning and rubbing our sandy eyes and complaining most bitterly about the downright thievery of an hour of precious sleep, this is but a passing struggle.

When the hour strikes five and we leave our places of employment and head to the promised land of THE BARN, we will know triumph. We will look upon our horses in the daylight and realize just how muddy they are. We will have endless hours to groom away winter coats and gossip with our brothers and sisters in the tack room.

We will ride beneath a slowly-setting sun, and once again, we shall know joy!

Happy Daylight Saving Time! Go riding!

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