Total Saddle Fit Tuesday Video: GhostCam

See exactly where Hailey Kinsel was able to shave off fractions of a second to win The American rodeo over the weekend with this innovative “ghost cam!”

Barrel racing might look deceptively easy — you just run around three cans really fast, right?! — but there are many subtle nuances that come together for a truly fast run.

The RFD-TV American rodeo took place over the weekend, pitting the best in professional AND amateur rodeo together for big winnings. Two of the best professional barrel racers in the US, Hailey Kinsel and Kylie Weast, were just fractions of a second apart in times. How did Hailey get the competitive edge? Check out the two runs overlaid with “ghost cam” to see!

The American | Hailey Kinsel and Kylie Weast Ghost Camera

Barrel racing – it's a game of a few feet.Check out the ghost camera from RFD-TV's The American, as they run a comparison from Saturday night's runs from two of The Women's Professional Rodeo Association best, Hailey Kinsel and Kylie Weast – Professional Barrel Racer.

Posted by Wrangler Network on Monday, March 4, 2019

The difference is in the details, and videos like this help us see just what sets up a winning run.

Go riding!

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