Standing Ovation by Ovation Riding: Mustang Heritage Foundation Trainer Incentive Program

If the prospect of gentling a mustang right out of the holding corral is daunting to you, the Trainer Incentive Program can help: trainers gentle horses for potential adopters to give them a good foundation.

Bureau of Land Managament/Flickr/CC

No matter where you stand on the wild horse debate raging over the free-roaming herds in the American west, most agree that there are too many horses in need of too few available homes equipped to gentle a mustang. In response, the Mustang Heritage Foundation operates the Trainer Incentive Program (TIP), which matches potential adopters with an already-gentled mustang, trained by an approved trainer. For individuals who would love to own a mustang but are intimidated by the process of starting a never-touched horse from scratch, the TIP fills an important need.

A “gentled” mustang by TIP guidelines means one that can be haltered, lead, have all four feet handled and load in a trailer. Additional training can be set up between adopter and trainer privately. For the basic gentling process, adopters only pay the $125 adoption fee to the Bureau of Land Management; the Mustang Heritage Foundation reimburses the TIP trainer.

Horses are available either by an interested adopter selecting one from off-range holding and connecting with a TIP trainer, or by adopters locating gentled horses already available from trainers. A Facebook group for TIP helps connect horses with adopters.

Adopters must meet the rest of the BLM’s requirements for adopting a mustang, including providing a shelter and corral, and having no prior animal abuse convictions. Adopters will receive the title to their horse one year after adoption.

TIP is a valuable bridge that can help connect more adopters with gentled mustangs. To learn more, please visit the program’s website.

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