Thursday Video: ‘Rio’ Music Video

If this music video for Kyle Park’s song “Rio” doesn’t make you want to gallop across the plains, we don’t know what else to do for you.

Especially for readers like me who look out the window and see nothing but snow, the gorgeous wide-open (presumably Texas) landscape of this music video and the sight of Tuf Cooper galloping everywhere on his trusty horse is almost painful to watch… because we can’t wait for summertime to come again and our own wide-open gallops to return again.

But warmer days will come again soon, and in the meantime, we do have this song and music video by Kyle Park to tide us over. Not only is there a lot of horse eye candy in the video, but the song itself is about a horse too. There’s nothing we love more than songs about horses.

"Rio" – Kyle Park Official Video

Here it is folks! My newest video starring All-Around Cowboy World Champion Tuf C Cooper!

Posted by Kyle Park on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Go riding. Those words have never been truer.

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