Photo Challenge: 18 Horses Celebrating Their Birthday

Let them eat cake.

Admittedly, after several years of doing photo challenges, I find myself setting similar prompts year after year: horses in snow, horses going swimming, horses and sunsets… This is perhaps the first time we’ve ever done “horse birthday celebrations,” and this genuinely warmed my cold and jaded heart. These horses are, to put it simply, loved.

My mare, Sarah, on her 18th birthday. Photo by Elizabeth Moyer

Danielle Keating: My horse’s first birthday with me, I was away at school so my mom made a cake, sign and horse-sized part hat and had the girls at the barn help her celebrate! Photo by Vicki Keating

Jessica Phillips: My horse Finnigan and I celebrate “Finniversary” every year on his gotcha day! This year was party hats and homemade heart cookies! Photo credit Joshua Phillips

Just turned 12; Made her a carrot & apple cake and sang happy birthday!
Photo Credit: Allison Fallon

Homemade horsey cake for Batman who just turned 12!!
Photo cred : Amanda Velez

For Who For What (Phoebe) rocking her Princess crown
Photo cred : Julie Kaplan

Devin enjoys a carrot cake on his birthday. Photo by Anne Ross Stone

My boy Coach and how he feels about the birthday hat, haha! Photo by Victoria Tunis

Krikit always gets an apple with candles for her birthday. Photo by Brett Alexa Currie

Thunders thoughts about turning 30. Photo by Jeffrey Lesitsky

Heather Jarvis: Beau on his 28th Birthday. He became a unicorn. Check out the his mane!! Photo by Lauren Jarvis

KC Cordell: Cal used to get his favorite treats for his birthday: raspberry jelly filled donuts! Photo by Robin Cordell

Hailey Longstreth: My youngest goofy palomino who is now 11 with my best friend.

Birthday ritual for 15 years, Carrot 🥕🥕 Birthday Cake! Photo by Melisa Cwikla Boduch

Birthday cupcakes
(Photo: Jen Joines

With a tiara and sash of course, mash with all the goodies to follow. Photo by Meaghan Anne

Cinnamon applesauce cake! Photo by me Roberta Warren

My buddy celebrated his 21st with a Guinness. Photo by Kristen Kovatch

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the middle of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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