Performance of the Week: Sonita Lena Rey

Corey Cushing and Sonita Lena Rey capture the World’s Greatest Horseman title in Fort Worth at the NRCHA’s Celebration of Champions! Watch highlights from their four rounds here.

Why reined cow horse still hasn’t caught on as America’s greatest horse sport is beyond me — it’s gritty, yet polished; it takes one heck of a talented horse plus a well-rounded trainer to bring out the best in four different arenas of competition. It’s not about being the fastest, but the smoothest and most efficient. It takes a lot of heart and the ability to dig deep — for both horse and rider.

The World’s Greatest Horseman competition challenges the best in the industry every winter, requiring every horse and rider combination to tackle four different events within the reined cow horse discipline, all in one bit: herd work (cutting), dry work (reining), steer stopping (via roping) and cow work. Horses must be jacks of all trades to get it done.

The 2019 title went to Corey Cushing, now a two-time winner, riding Sonita Lena Rey, owned by Sheri Jamieson. Here are the highlights, plus an interview with Cushing about how they did it:

Now THAT is a well-rounded horse and rider.

Go riding!

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