Total Saddle Fit Tuesday Video

I was always told “a lazy horse is a smart horse.” This one must be a genius.

Okay, so the video is clearly staged, but let’s just imagine for one moment that the rider truly believed this little pony was going to make an honest effort to jump this massive fence that he can so clearly canter beneath… what a shock that would have been!

As I was always told, “a lazy horse is a smart horse.” I’m not even sure this one is particularly lazy — he’s just opportunistic. Why jump when you can just keep on cantering?

А так можно было? 😂🙊 Credit to @the_bareback_queens.

Posted by – Лошади и конный спорт on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Pony jumpers, stand aside. This guy’s got it figured out.

Go riding!

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